Ook voor indoor trainingen !

FCI Herd dogs


Tynyronnen, Training Center Sheep Herding, provides lessons for owners with dogs from very different dog breeds who should be able to herd a flock of sheep. 

The HerdingdDogs Committee of the Raad van Beheer in the Netherlands has developed a wonderful program for this group, from the herding test up to and including wonderful class 3 tests.

For some time, our location has been approved as a location for the HerdingdDogs Committee of the Raad van Beheer in the Netherlands.

We can be a facilitating host for breed clubs that take the initiative to organize FCI activities at our location.

For more information, we kindly refer you to the Herd Commission of the Dutch Kennel Club.


The following lessons are offered:

1-   Learning to remove sheep from kraal (1 lesson);

2-   Learn your dog to stay (1 lesson);

3-   Walking with a group of sheep (3 lessons);

4-   Learning to walk the borderline (2 lessons);

5-   Learn your dog to stop (2 lessons);

6-   Learning to pick up sheep (3 lessons);

7-   Learning to stop at a distance (2 lessons);

8-   Walking on the side (3 lessons);

9-   Walking on 12 hours position (3 lessons);

10- Commands left and right (5 lessons);


It is ofcourse not guaranteed that you will actually master that in the indicated number of lessons.

To book one of these lessons you can click on the link below.